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The outer walls of the place were whitewashed. The men swarmed like… - I Am A ROBOT!!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 1st, 2006|07:39 pm]
The outer walls of the place were whitewashed.
The men swarmed like hornets into the house.
They were gunning for the men about the capstan.
A wild whoop from some of the crew on the hill gave notice that they were seen.
Against the scale of things here he seemed insignificant.
He drew his finger across histhroat significantly.
Come, said he, flashing the lantern on the two leaning back in the chairs apparently asleep.
He let his eye wander over the ample plantation that lay just below the house.
There was SeñorGallegos big cash chest in which he kept the silver trade dollars.
Señor, said Ali Bongo, tomorrow we make One-eye go tell Allah about that.
But who could have foreseen that things would go as well with him at Gallegos as they had?
Only the wandering planets and the moon came back like old friends.
He regarded his own presence at that meal as little short of marvellous.
There was a certain damp-coolness from the rivere quivalent to cold.
A round shot screamed through the rigging like a banshee.
The thorn boma there was only good to keep out the chimpanzees.
No, that will carry clean over them I am afraid.
Theyswept clear around the place in a convincing horseshoe.
Well, he could well afford to as far as that went.
Then he looked up turning a little white, but with determination enough.
Anthony went on deck and left Ferdinando talking with Brother François.
He shrugged his shoulders and went into the eating room.
Yes, he acknowledged to himself, he loved it all.
Perhaps Neletas coming to the house had something to do with it, but hewas not sure.
Some argument now took place with the captain.
Of his mother he said nothing, nor of his sister.
Shoot through the roof, señor, suggested Ferdinando.