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2k16 [Jan. 25th, 2016|12:22 am]
Well.... I'm Back... :(
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2006|03:27 am]
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2006|05:21 pm]
I Am a Large Hairy Penis....
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Myspace. [Aug. 7th, 2006|10:49 pm]
While at breakfast this morning, I was treated to this gem. Not really suckage as much as WTFage...though it did totally upset many dining experiences.

Family of 8 walks in. Even number of both adults and children. One of the children, I'd say he was about 11ish, mentions that he has a myspace. The following insues:

Old Bitty: My space? What's a My Space?
Kid: It's a-
MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: It's a place where children get victimized on the internet.
Old Bitty: D:
Kid: D:
Me: *snickersnickerohshitpleasedontletmebust

MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: You're deleting that when you get home.
Kid: D: But MO-OM!!
MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: No buts! I will not have my child anally-raped (yeah, she said it) by some perrrvert he met on the INTERNET!
Kid: D: MOM!! I'm not going to get anally-raped! I'm not Stu-
MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: Don't talk back to me! No son of mine is getting anally raped but some lonely old bastard pretending to be a 12 year old girl! I know how those INTERNET PREDATORS work! You're deleting it. End of discussion!!!!!
EVERYONE ELSE: o_O o_o O_o O_O @_@ D: D: D:
Other Customer A: Um...check please?
Old Bitty: Do they really anally rape children on that site?
MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: Oh yes, I read all about it. It's really just some giant childrens porn site where they anally rape children RIGHT THERE. We discussed it in Church earlier. The Evils of Myspace and how its just a place where children get anally raped.
Other Customer B: Lady...trying to eat here...keep your apparently self-arousing discussions of preteen rape to YOURSELF. Fuck.
Waitress: Ma'am, could you please keep your voice down. There are other patrons-
MOMTOTALLYINTERRUPTS!: I will not! Myspace is EVIL AND THEY ANALLY RAPE CHILDREN!!!! Don't let your children use it! THEY WILL GET RAPED!
Waitress: Then I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You're disturbing our other patrons.
Other Customer B: Lady...it's the internet. It's loaded with "anal rape". You aren't telling us anything. Now please...shut up so I can enjoy the rest of my eggs.
Me: XD!!!!!

Parents these days...what the fuck?

~Me (not me.. this obviously happened to someone else...)

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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2006|07:39 pm]
The outer walls of the place were whitewashed.
The men swarmed like hornets into the house.
They were gunning for the men about the capstan.
A wild whoop from some of the crew on the hill gave notice that they were seen.
Against the scale of things here he seemed insignificant.
He drew his finger across histhroat significantly.
Come, said he, flashing the lantern on the two leaning back in the chairs apparently asleep.
He let his eye wander over the ample plantation that lay just below the house.
There was SeñorGallegos big cash chest in which he kept the silver trade dollars.
Señor, said Ali Bongo, tomorrow we make One-eye go tell Allah about that.
But who could have foreseen that things would go as well with him at Gallegos as they had?
Only the wandering planets and the moon came back like old friends.
He regarded his own presence at that meal as little short of marvellous.
There was a certain damp-coolness from the rivere quivalent to cold.
A round shot screamed through the rigging like a banshee.
The thorn boma there was only good to keep out the chimpanzees.
No, that will carry clean over them I am afraid.
Theyswept clear around the place in a convincing horseshoe.
Well, he could well afford to as far as that went.
Then he looked up turning a little white, but with determination enough.
Anthony went on deck and left Ferdinando talking with Brother François.
He shrugged his shoulders and went into the eating room.
Yes, he acknowledged to himself, he loved it all.
Perhaps Neletas coming to the house had something to do with it, but hewas not sure.
Some argument now took place with the captain.
Of his mother he said nothing, nor of his sister.
Shoot through the roof, señor, suggested Ferdinando.
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When WILL this guy pay for his penis pump? [Jul. 27th, 2006|01:11 pm]
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SHARKFEST, 21st/22nd July, WGTN (Details confirrrmed) [Jun. 28th, 2006|06:37 am]
SHARKFEST, 21st/22nd July, WGTN (Details confirrrmed)

Hey I just thought id FWD this on to everyone I know...

Cos it Rules!...

I haven't updated in agges.. this is worthy.



SHARKFEST, 21st/22nd July, WGTN

Come and celebrate the Scab boys collective birthdays and show how
much you love little furry things that pop in the microwave!!

FRIDAY NIGHT, 21st of July

Gomorrah [Wgtn]
Carthiginian Solution [AK]
My Brother Got Mulched [AK]
A Room with a Poodle [Wgtn]
Drug Problem [Wgtn]
Workshy [Wgtn]

SATURDAY NIGHT, 22nd of July

Wrongmen [AK]
Guest Stabs Host [Wgtn]
Scab [Wgtn]
Brick Vs. Face [B.A.Y]
Moment of Truth [Whitianga]
Hung Jury [P.N/Wgtn]
Deathray Soiree [Wgtn]

We have booked The Scottish Pipe-Band Hall, at the top of Hanson St.
in Newtown!!

Really fucking stoked on this as punk shows have been banned here for
the last four years, please, PLEASE don't ruin this for us by being
retarded, as if this goes well we might have this hall back in action!
And, although i wish i didn't have to say this, if anything goes wrong
and you're responsible for it, we WILL hunt you down and remove your
testicles/ovaries for you/make you pay for it.


$10 per night, $15 for a weekend pass
Doors will open at 7.30pm sharp and will run punctually, so if you
wanna catch your favourite band, BE THERE!!
Profits will go to WSPA!
Wrongmen ep's WILL BE AVAILABLE [so bring money, stupid]

may not be shit.


Sharkfest Crew

Chomp Chomp... Love Bernie!
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What is EMO? [Apr. 30th, 2006|08:44 pm]
This is a quote from somebody else but something you should all read.


Emo is an offshoot of Hardcore Punk which came about in the mid-80s. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the genre and what it is and isn't. I'm hoping to change that.

Bands playing hardcore punk got tired of the same old sounds, and decided to try something new. What came of this was emocore. Rites of Spring (1984) are hailed as the first ever emocore band. They played hardcore that focused more on emotional release, rather than political and social themes like most hardcore of the time did. 1985 was dubbed the "Revolution Summer," when many emocore-style bands started forming.

Although there were hints of emo before 1986, many believe that Moss Icon were the first emo band. They took Rites of Springs' emotive hardcore and focused more on the emotion aspect.

In the early-90s Emo started to change, with bands using octave chords and a more intense vocal approach. The loud/soft dynamic was still there, and it played an even bigger part than it did in earlier emo. Bands like Indian Summer, Navio Forge, Native Nod, and Embassy used the dynamic along with intricate guitar work and poetic lyrics to create beautiful, serene emotive hardcore.

Over in San Diego, however, something much more intense was in it's beginnings: Hardcore Emo. In 1991, Heroin kick-started hardcore emo with it's over-the-top abrasive hardcore sound. They played extremely fast and relentless chaotic emo with vocal-chord shredding screams and distorted guitar and bass.

Some say emo died in 96 or so, but I don't think this is true. There are still emo bands out there, like City of Caterpillar, Calvary, Yaphet Kotto, and Neil Perry. Although it has died down a lot and changed a bit since the early- and mid-90s, emo still exists.

Sadly, the term emo has been horribly disfigured by Mtv and the radio. Dashboard Confessional, Sunny Day Real Estate, Saves the Day, Thursday, etc. stray so far from the emo sound that there is little or no connection whatsoever. I still can't figure out why and when people started calling these bands emo, but they surely aren't any part of the genre. They are closer to indie rock, pop or sometimes pop-punk.

Started off with Heroin. Really over the top intense hardcore. Lyrics were screamed breathlessly at the absolute limit of the vocal chords and everything was distorted. Some of this sounded like chaotic hardcore, some of it sounded like grindcore, some of it was just insane. Heroin, Honeywell, Guyver-1, Antioch Arrow, Angel Hair, Swing Kids, John-Henry West, Second Story Window, Reach Out, and a few others played this style. There are still a few artists scattered around here and there, but hardcore emo/emoviolence isn't very well-represented anymore.

New Emo/"Screamo" (started appearing in the early-mid-90s, took off around '97): This is where emo headed after bands (for the most part) stopped playing the traditional sound, and decided to play something a little less, well, emo. There is still a loud/soft dynamic and octave chords, but it's less melodic than older emo, and the vocals are often shrieked (think Saetia, Love lost but not forgotten, or After School Knife Fight) instead of painfully howled and screamed.

It also gave the genre a little more room to be artsy with bands introducing influences from many diverse genres. "Screamo," for the most part, sounds like newer hardcore with breakdowns and less traditional instrumentation, but there is some room for slower quiet parts with twinkly guitars.

Some "screamo" bands include Orchid (also sometimes called emo-violence), Burned Out Bright, Saetia, Anomie, Joshua Fit For Battle, Neil Perry, etc. This is the current dominant force in emotive hardcore.
Emo-violence can also sound like grindcore at times... There are even a couple of 'emogrind' bands jeromesdream, deadseraphim - basically grind bands with melodic guitars, blastbeats and emotional lyrics which are shrieked in falsetto.

Emo-Influenced Indie-Rock (early-90s): If "screamo" had never come around, I think that this is the direction emo could've gone. There's really no connection to the original underground hardcore sound, but it is emo influenced to an extent. You're likely to find less hardcore-styled vocals, and little or no hardcore instrumentation. It's indie rock, not emo. That includes Sunny Day Real Estate.

No matter who you believe started it, emo has its roots in hardcore. It's not 'pussy music' for 'wimps' - it's actually bright spark hardcore kids who want to write about intelligent stuff, not just hardcore scene related topics.
So why is it that so many bands that are in very little or no way connected to the hardcore scene are labeled emo? Is it just ignorance on the part of mainstream culture? Or can we blame the so-called "alternative" media for the widespread bastardisation?

It has invaded the malls, the streets, and every "underground" show you can find. It creeps in the back, near the merchandise tables, with its girlfriend draped over its arm - it’s the dreaded emo boy! Complete with a bad dye job and snot-encrusted suffocation-inducing sweater! His CD collection includes Finch, The Ataris, Saves the Day, and for those nights when he wants to get hardcore, Thursday!

Most emo bands and record labels were anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-ageist, etc. Bands devoted their time to causes like Food Not Bombs and Animal Liberation. Many people involved in the emo scene are veg[etari]an and/or straight edge. Being pro-military was unheard of.

Emo concerts played a big part in the culture. It's where people meet, buy records (it's next to impossible to find a record store that deals in emo records), find new music, and dance. Bands' stage presence ranges from emotionless to chaotic. Some bands stand with their backs to the audience, while others lie on the floor screaming, banging their heads against it and contorting themselves. Alot of metalcore bands have borrowed the original 'emo-violence' stage moves and turned them into something associated with hardcore hybrids such as "chaos-metal"
At any rate, it's a far cry from the stereotype: staring at the ground crying with your ex-girlfriend standing in the crowd, crying too.

These days, people think emo kids are pretty boys/girls with fine hair, eyeliner, chain wallets, tight black clothes and 3/4 pants or styley jeans, chucks and lots of cutesy accessories.
The real emo kids usually dont give a crap, and usually dont wear any make-up.
But to say the least, it is quite far removed from anything 'pretty' or 'cutesy' or 'fashionable'.

at the moment not many people are aware of what it even really is. alot of people consider bands who sound like like Thursday to be emo.
which is dumb of them.
bands like shumway, loud like enemies and stuff helped raise the awareness a bit more, citing their influences. but there is no real scene here for it, never really has been. Like there are only about 10 people i can think of who even listen to the real stuff and appreciate it.

In conclusion - don't call it emo if it sounds like Coldplay. Don't think someone dresses emo, cuz they look slightly like a drag queen meets skaterboy. Don't call something emo cuz it makes you sad, or reminds you of an ex-partner. Emo does not have violins and female vocals in it. Your previous assumptions of emo have been torn down. You are now all indie rock kids, or pop fans.
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PARTY PARTY! [Apr. 22nd, 2006|03:32 am]
Woohoo I just played a Sellout show at laserforce.. It was totally raD

yum 121 presales....hehe If you missed out you missed out on something special... Probally the coolest show ever.... Way cooler than the bleeders would have been or low hum...

yeah Crazy Crazy... I Cant wait for some photos.. It looked Like a Wham Video in there!

ony stink thing was the fire alarm going off and delaying the show start 45 minutes ... but at least it didnt go off halfway through....

Luke Disasteradios new tape rules... If you didnt go ... theres no more copys left...
he played afew new tracks which were rad...

pig out were all good but I was far to tired by that stage to party to the rave sound...

And goodbye galaxy, Well thats me so like No coment... I Had fUN...


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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2006|12:01 pm]
Lets make it 3



~with his latest album~

- Avalible this April 21st 2006
- Free Album with ticket to the release
- Release show Live In 'LASER FORCE'
- Opportunity to play game at Show

Stink Magnetic Tapes are pleased to announce the release of DISASTERADIOs' latest album - DATASETTE.
The amalgamation of years of science-based researchcombined with a single dreamis this new fantastic new aural liason - DATASETTE
Many will be familiar with DISASTERADIOs' distinctive ELECTRO-PUNK style that sets him aside as a total computery legend aye. And for those fortunate enough to subject fresh ears to his magical styles, nothing will stop your happy feat upon playing the new hit cassette DATASETTE on home stereo, gettoblaster, or walkman.

15 Courtney Place, Wellington
9:30pm SHARP!
and also featuring the kick-arse talents of...
Included with show entry: Cassette and option to play LASER FORCE

Tickets avalible from: Slowboat Records, (Cash only) 183 Cuba St, Wellington and Laser Force, 15 Courtney Place, Wellington.
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